The children call her

  “Da Heart Lady”

K. Phyllis M. Gagnier
"D’Coeur"  From the Heart
Brain-Emotional Health – Shifting Emotional States – Perceptual Transformation Programs
  Assessing - Coaching - Consulting - Facilitating - Mentoring - Reporting - Training

www.family-circles.com – phyllisgagnier@gmail.com 
  480-983-3108 office – 480-840-5203 cell – 480-983-3108 fax

About Phyllis

The daughter of multi-cultural parents of Algonquin, French, and Irish heritage from a remote rural area in Northern New York, Phyllis has owned and operated "D’Coeur" From the Heart, an Arizona based training and consulting business, since 1980. She has provided services to public, private, and government educational systems, governmental entities, individuals, communities, and organizations in diverse settings, i.e.,Tribal Communities, Department of Corrections, School Districts, Colleges and Universities, Foster Parents, Catholic Charities, Early Childhood Centers, Head Start Programs, Peace, Justice and Mediation Centers.

Her work in Tribal Nations in the United States, Canada and Indigenous Communities in Mexico, Aruba, and Fiji, with children and their families, earned her the title of “Da Heart Lady”. With over 50 years of direct teaching experience, Phyllis is an educator who brings uniqueness and visionary leadership to her creative endeavors.  She enjoys writing, reading, photography, traveling, snorkeling, and says: 
Shift to Heart Before You Start”.